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FAQ (Frequently Argued Qualm) against Islam #2

2. Non-Muslims are not treated equally in Islam as they are not allowed to take up positions of ruling and therefore subjected to mistreatment.

This is often a passionately contested argument by non-Muslims nowadays, as they see this as a form of discrimination. I don’t think we’ve had an honest debate about this and the energy channelled in criticising this tenet is possibly hypocritical. Read More…

FAQ (Frequently Argued Qualm) against Islam #1

This is the first of a series of FAQs that I’d like to dedicate to the bloggers I’ve been discussing with in the recent past. I have already touched upon some of these in the discussions and posts, so please excuse any repetition, but as I keep hearing similar responses (as if mass culturing has been taking place in the online world), I thought it’d be easier if I just put them all in one place for all to see. Once again, honest debate welcomes discussion.

1. Women don’t have equal rights in Islam as men make the rules. Read More…