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Whilst you remember Sarah Bryant, don’t forget Fatima.

I’ve just been reading about the female British soldier killed in Afghanistan. In a war initiated by the US and joined by others to share the spoils, Sergeant Sarah Bryant was the first female British soldier to be killed in Afghanistan. She was simply following orders from her democratic nation. It’s been all over the news and interviews from her loved ones add to the sympathy we feel towards her and her family. The language used in the reporting commemorates her as an aimiable individual with dreams, whose life was taken unlawfully.

I feel sad that many have lost their lives for unclear reasons. But I can’t help but think of ‘Fatima’ every time I hear Sgt Sarah Bryant mentioned in the news. I am wondering if people will remember Fatima the way Sarah Bryant will be remembered. I don’t even know Fatima’s surname. But her story left a mark on me and as I feel there is prejudice in the way the world mourns the death of some whilst easily forgets others, I’m dedicating this article in memory of Fatima and the other nameless women in Abu Ghuraib. Read More…

More revelations about the media

I know this is old news, but there are still plenty out there who don’t know!

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Media Manipulation

Is there a difference between these two statements?



I came across this headline in the BBC website a couple of months back and thought I’d dare to share my thoughts with the outside world.

It would be wrong to suggest that either of these statements are a lie, as they are both in fact true (given that there was a British pilot accused of or denies killing). But the first implies that he is possibly innocent and the latter implies that he’s possibly guilty. Although neither of these interpretations is untrue , they imply different things. Read More…