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Are Muslims entitled to be offended?

I’ve been involved with a couple of conversations simultaneously about the ongoing saga of the cartoons of (the prophet) Mohammed (pbuh) and thought I’d share my thoughts.

Some bloggers have been posting some of the cartoons to protest; one blogger actually told me that although he acknowledges that it is rude to insult people’s beliefs and wouldn’t choose to wear a T-Shirt with the insulting cartoons, if the government infringed his freedom of speech by making it illegal, it would be his ‘civic duty to wear the shirt, regardless of the offence caused.’ This sentiment and view seems to be widespread amongst non-Muslims all over the world.

Is this a tenet of civilised society?

Is free speech is a greater and a more sacred value than tolerance or respect?

When the cartoons were first published, the people protested all over the world. They demonstrated to show their anger and disgust. To the non-Muslim this may be a trivial thing to get worked up about, but to the Muslim it’s not.

Isn’t ‘civilised’ society supposed to hear all points of view and be all inclusive? Read More…