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Israel troops admit Gaza abuses. Will the west admit ‘aiding and abetting’ this terrorism?

In our world governments and politicians think twice before acknowledging any wrong-doing. I can’t help but be sceptical about any justice for the Palestinians resulting from these revelations, but once again, I desperately ask the democracy pundits who keep insisting that the rest of the world needs to follow their model to show me a practical and just way where they can use their democratic processes to bring the Israeli government to account.

‘An Israeli military college has printed soldiers’ accounts of the killing of civilians and vandalism during recent operations in Gaza.

One account tells of a sniper killing a mother and children at close range whom troops had told to leave their home. In another cited case, a commander ordered troops to kill an elderly woman walking on a road, even though she was easily identifiable and clearly not a threat.

The soldiers’ testimonies also reportedly told of an unusually high intervention by military and non-military rabbis, who circulated pamphlets describing the war in religious terminology.

“All the articles had one clear message,” one soldier said. “We are the people of Israel, we arrived in the country almost by miracle, now we need to fight to uproot the gentiles who interfere with re-conquering the Holy Land.”’ (taken from the BBC).

Will Barak Obama go against his financiers and members of his administration and demand an independent enquiry, or consider imposing sanctions on Israel until the truth be discovered?

Will the Labour Party Members in the UK go against the wishes of the Labour Friends of Israel and demand justice or investigation?

Will David Cameron, the opposition leader that keeps the democratic government in check, go against the wishes of the Conservative Friends of Israel and demand the Labour Party takes action against Israel?

Will the Obama administration or any other western government that supported Israel’s actions ‘in defending itself’ provide compensation and accept responsibility for ‘aiding and abetting or encouraging’ the Israeli actions?

Will American citizens who stood by their Zionist brethren now consider this to be Semitic fundamentalism and a belief of the sword?

Or will the western politicians accept the bias of self-interest as the foundation of their democratic values?

FAQ (Frequently Argued Qualm) against Islam #1

This is the first of a series of FAQs that I’d like to dedicate to the bloggers I’ve been discussing with in the recent past. I have already touched upon some of these in the discussions and posts, so please excuse any repetition, but as I keep hearing similar responses (as if mass culturing has been taking place in the online world), I thought it’d be easier if I just put them all in one place for all to see. Once again, honest debate welcomes discussion.

1. Women don’t have equal rights in Islam as men make the rules. Read More…

Equal opportunities: a reality or pretense?

I came across a brochure from the British Council and thought I’d share my thoughts.

It said ‘the international reputation of a UK education is so great that students coming to study in the UK bring more money into the country’s economy than is earned by the financial services sector or the automobile industry’ (according to a report compiled by a professor at the University of Sheffield).

I was an international student in the UK once myself. And I remember feeling humiliated at Heathrow Airport on more than one occasion. And this was way before September 11 (in case anyone’s looking to justify it on grounds of national security). As a Pakistani passport holder, I had to apply for a British visa every year for four years. But I was supposed to feel grateful that they approved my visa and allowed me to enter Britain to study. The fact that I was bringing in the money, didn’t give me any additional advantages. On the contrary, I had and an ‘international student status’ and was therefore not given the same rights as British citizens. Read More…