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What do you think of when you hear the words ‘Honour Killings’?

I have just read a disturbing article about an honour killing, (a link provided by a fellow blogger who frequently visits this blog) that has left me feeling … well, tired.

The article describes the way a girl was killed by her father who felt ashamed by his daughter’s actions (which may or may not have been true). The way he kills her, is troubling and disturbing.

But in all honesty, the cause of my fatigue is a slightly different one. It’s important that this is not misinterpreted to mean that I don’t feel strongly about what happened to the girl and her family’s actions. I do. But if I consider this article in context of the discussions around us, it’s yet another story that suggests that it is Islam that allows honour killings.

If any of the readers of this post are Muslim, they will no doubt be able to relate. But it’s the non-Muslims out there that I’m concerned about at the moment.

Islam does not allow honour killings, (period). If incidents occur, it is because of tradition and not because of an understanding of Islam. Read More…