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Lets call a spade, a spade

I recently had a discussion with someone about the definition of democracy. And although this person could not clearly define it for me, she was adamant that it was the right way forward for the Muslim world.

I find it quite interesting that the word democracy can mean different things to different people. The ambiguity around the term can be dangerous, particularly when nations seem to be initiating wars to propagate democracy and foreign policies of very powerful states revolve around it. If not at all-out-war, much of the western world seems bent on telling the rest of the world that democracy is synonymous to justice and that they need to tread on the same path that the west did through its history to reach there.

In this they make a grave assumption: an assumption that democracy is the best system and that every undemocratic nation wants to become like the countries in the west. Whilst it is true that the west enjoys greater wealth and many would like to escape from the grip of poverty in the third world, I would argue that it isn’t the democratic system that has given the west its wealth, but rather its colonialism (which continues today albeit in a different style) and usurping of other nations resources that has allowed for the economic prosperity enjoyed by the west. Read More…