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Brown warns Iran: the British PM should know better

Gordon Brown has warned the Iranian government to suspend its nuclear ambitions. Addressing the Israeli Parliament, the British Prime Minister justified his warning on the basis that Iran has called for Israel ‘to be wiped off the map’.

The claim that Iran threatened to wipe Israel off the map is simply not true. It was deceitfully publicised in the media over a year ago and received widespread coverage despite the fact that no such statement was ever made by Iranian President, Ahmedinijad. The words quoted were twisted and manipulated from the original text and publicised as fact. For more information on this, please see my previous post: More revelations about the media

But it has since been established that this report was false and although the damage has been done and the wider public has fallen for the lie, Mr. Brown, assuming a leading role in dealing with Iran, must know better.

Lying to the public to win support is becoming a habit in western politics. In 2002 Tony Blair’s government (including Mr. Brown) issued the dodgy dossier on Iraq, plagiarising fabricated material to wage an illegal occupation. Mr. Brown seems to be continuing his government’s legacy by citing examples that are simply untrue to justify illegal ambitions. Excuses can be made for the ignorant public, but coming from the British Prime Minister, it’s hard to assume he was simply misinformed.

Furthermore, it is irony at its best given that Mr. Brown made this statement whilst addressing the Knesset, the parliament of an illegal state that has nuclear weapons and used them to terrorise the original inhabitants of the land. Perhaps Mr. Brown needs to be reminded that whilst the accusations against Iran’s alleged threat to Israel are untrue, Israel on the other hand has threatened to harm countries around it and already used chemical warfare against opponents. Just two years ago, the Israeli army chief of staff stated that they would target the Lebanese infrastructure and “turn back the clock in Lebanon by 20 years”. And they did.

And although I’m no supporter of Ahmedinijad, why is it that the British government and its allies are entitled to acquiring nuclear weapons whilst Iran is not?

Given Britain’s role in the creation of the illegal state of Israel and its government’s continuing support for this brutal occupation that has ruined so many lives, the least the British representative could have done whilst visiting the terrorist state is keep his mouth shut on the matter, if he is unable to speak honestly about the facts.

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Ahmedinijad: assassination attempt?

I just read an article posted on Bloomberg.com about Ahmedinijad’s claim that the US planned to kidnap and murder him when he visited Iraq in March. Ahmedinijad refused to stay in the Green Zone during his visit as he had reliable information about the American intention to detain and kill him. The article written by Camilla Hall quotes:

“Based on reliable intelligence, the enemies had planned to kidnap and kill the servant” of the Iranian nation during the Iraq trip, Agence France-Presse cited Ahmadinejad as saying on state television today. “But with the change of one or two of our plans, their willpower was shaken.”

This piece of news will probably be viewed with quite a bit of scepticism by the outside world. Although I’m no supporter of Ahmedinijad, I can’t help but wonder why statements from some leaders are immediately dismissed as false whilst statements from others are taken as truths. If track records were anything to go by, then surely statements from western governments and leaders should be viewed with much scepticism as they have lied and manipulated facts to justify actions. Why is it that the world continues to believe words from western leaders as true whilst rejecting views from others?