Somewhere between insulting people’s beliefs under the guise of free speech and preventing people from expressing political allegiances under laws such as incitement to terror and the patriot act, we seem to have lost sight of much needed honest debate. Honest Debate provides a platform to discuss ideas and debate on a variety of topics with mutual respect.

To move forward we must hammer out ideas. But we must do so in a manner that leads to progress. Being objective  is sometimes difficult when we hold strong opinions and firm beliefs, but we must scrutinise our own views as well as those of others with an open mind seeking the truth.

There is much to lose by stifling honest debate and much to gain by engaging in it. Engaging in an honest debate is a win-win scenario; at the end of it, we either abandon our opinions and embrace a stronger one, or strengthen our original conviction.

May the strongest ideas win.

The Honest Debate Team

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