Searching for Madeleine

You may remember Madeleine McCann, the four year old who went missing while on a family holiday in Portugal three years ago.

It’s painful for me to imagine what she may have gone through and may even be going through. And I didn’t even know her. What it must be doing to the parents and family of little Madeleine is unthinkable.

Perhaps in an attempt to revive the search for Madeleine three years later, the McCanns gave a recent interview expressing hope, quoting their twins.

Dad Gerry, 42, said: “It’s important they know we’re devoting a lot of time to Madeleine. They talk about rescuing her and getting swords to get the man who’s got her. They’re amazing.”

No need for an honest debate so far.

Not until I ask to give the same voice and encouragement to a Palestinian dad expressing his devotion and quoting his little boy’s fantasy to ‘get a sword’ and set off to rescue his sister or mother picked up by the Israelis.

That’s different the westerners will say. Well of course it is. The Palestinians never go on holiday.

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