Yemeni Prisoner Muhammad Salih Dies At Guantánamo

Muhammad Ahmad Abdallah Salih (also known as Mohammed al-Hanashi), a Yemeni prisoner at Guantánamo, has died, apparently by committing suicide.

Anyone else wondering whether his family will ever gét justice?

For those still hopeful of what US and western democracies have to offer, please spare some time and investigate what Islam has to say about the treatment of prisoners of war. If you get that far, please let me know what treatment you prefer of POWs – the Islamic one that dates back centuries or the current secular one made up as we go along.

Look forward to hearing from you.

One response to “Yemeni Prisoner Muhammad Salih Dies At Guantánamo”

  1. Ola says :

    Aren’t they ever gonna shut down this hell hole??

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