Scores continue to die in Gaza but the BBC is more concerned about butterflies displaced in Mexico.

The next time I hear a BBC commentator criticise some foreign press for being state influenced or state run, I’m going to have to do something really drastic.

Since the BBC is partly funded by the British Foreign Office it has to promote British interests abroad. As a result, there isn’t a great deal of discussion around the Palestine issue or the Israeli occupation. Israel’s lastest round of aggression in Gaza has only received bitty, sporadic reporting of mere information – the number killed in Gaza and what Israel is threatening on doing.

I’ve just been watching the BBC world service for news on Gaza in English. I did catch some very brief information; read out like the journalist had a gun pointed to his head behind the camera forcing him to emotionlessly mention the figures dead and quickly move on. Finally, the BBC continues the world news round to focus on the monarch butterflies in Mexico under risk of being displaced.

Millions of Palestinian refugees have been displaced for decades since the creation of the illegal state of Israel and the BBC has never discussed the illegality of this, or even mentioned returning the land to the Palestinians. Their news coverage always lacks any debate on the origin of this conflict and it truly is a disgrace to journalism. Instead of discussing this mass displacement of humans, it’s more concerned about where the monarch butterflies will end up.


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