Obama and McCain: same crap, different smell.

Distantly observing the US election race this year, I find it odd when I come across some non-Americans getting excited about the whole process. I can’t help but think that no matter who comes into power, Obama or McCain, it’s not really going to change much for the rest of the world.

The future president of the United States and chief of army staff is going to base decisions on what’s best for the United States. Obama and McCain may disagree on when it’s best for the American troops to be pulled out of Iraq; they may disagree on the tactics and styles suitable to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of the people across the Muslim world; they may even disagree on the approach to take regarding talks with Iran. But the foreign policy of the United States will fundamentally remain the same: it will be about securing American interests abroad and doing whatever it takes to make (corporate) American lives happier. Domestic policies and measures will be introduced or revised to repay or reward industries that supported the election campaign of the winning party. Some aspects of the foreign policy will also be steered by these oh so generous donors.

So what’s wrong with this?

It’s simple: what’s in the interest of the United States is often not in the interest of other countries (a few exceptions apply here when countries agree upon mutual interest to exploit the weaker ones). One country’s gain is often another’s loss. If any country dares to stand for its interests that conflict with American interests, Obama and McCain will be required to respond according to the interest of the American people. The American media will also play a supporting part and steer public opinion to enable the future president to fulfil his ambitions.

The result: third world poverty will continue to rise, the American government will continue to support the Israeli occupation, the occupation of Iraq will continue until it is ready for a smooth transition into colonialism, the war in Afghanistan will continue until the people there stop resisting and give in to the puppet regime… the list is quite possibly, endless.

Whether Obama or McCain, as far as the non-American is concerned, it’s going to be the same crap with a different smell.

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