First Gitmo trial, but who will try the American and Israeli terrorists?

The alleged former driver for Osama bin Laden, Salim Hamdan is going to be the first prisoner at Guantanamo Bay to be tried for war crimes.

Hamdan, a married man and father of two has already been held at Guantanamo for seven years. His crime: he was a driver for Osama bin Laden for which he received a measly $200 dollars a month.

Now I’m no supporter of Al-Qaeda and don’t agree with their alleged tactics or actions. But I guess the existence of such organisations and support for them is inevitable when governments of countries fail to serve their people and fight to defend them from colonialism and occupation.

If a driver for the organisation can serve seven years in an inhumane detention facility and then be tried for supporting terrorism for doing his job, than surely by that rationale, the American and British government employees and those working as part of the coalition forces in Iraq, drivers, medics and all, should also be tried for supporting and waging an illegal war and terrorising the people in Iraq. Surely the American government personnel should serve time for providing weapons and arms to the State of Israel as it has terrorised the Palestinians and unlawfully taken their land. Surely anyone in the United States or the west for that matter, who has in anyway supported the terrorist activities of Israel, or supported the illegal war initiated by the United States and the UK, should be tried for war crimes.

Double standards, the sequel continues…

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2 responses to “First Gitmo trial, but who will try the American and Israeli terrorists?”

  1. goodtimepolitics says :

    If it was left up to the liberal democrats we would never put the terrorist on trial, we would turn them loose here in America on out streets! This song hits it on the head!

  2. honestdebate says :

    hi goodtimepolitics,

    I’m not a liberal democrat.

    I do believe that wrong is wrong no matter who does it.

    At the moment, the terrorists have been turned loose, not just in American but the whole world: the American terrorist army (exempt from prosecution in Iraq by the Iraqi government), the Israeli terrorist forces, (supported by the west ).

    why different rules for different people?

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