Islam: Empire of Faith

I’ve noticed common perceptions amongst non-Muslims about Islam; most of which seem to be negative and based on current examples of Muslim countries. I can’t emphasise this enough: there isn’t a single Muslim country today that is following Islam in its entirety. Those that aspire to wanting Islam in their lands are frequently labelled extremists by dictatorships – even if they condemn violence.

Another common misconception is that an Islamic leadership would exploit and carry out injustices just like any other government because that is the nature of human existence. I beg to differ. I hope these videos will shed some light on the history of the Muslims and Islam.

Please note that I acknowledge there were faults in the application of Islam at times, but that does not mean the mechanism was not in place to ensure the mistakes were corrected. Although it can be argued that human error will always be there to some extent, it is minimised and controlled by the general guidelines in Islam that provide the boundaries of right and wrong (as opposed to boundaries laid down entirely by the self-interest of human beings).

It’s a bit long so I’m only including clips that I feel are relevant to this discussion.

Islam: Empire of Faith (part one)

Islam: Empire of Faith (part two)

Islam: Empire of Faith (part three)

Islam: Empire of Faith (part four)


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