Ahmedinijad: assassination attempt?

I just read an article posted on Bloomberg.com about Ahmedinijad’s claim that the US planned to kidnap and murder him when he visited Iraq in March. Ahmedinijad refused to stay in the Green Zone during his visit as he had reliable information about the American intention to detain and kill him. The article written by Camilla Hall quotes:

“Based on reliable intelligence, the enemies had planned to kidnap and kill the servant” of the Iranian nation during the Iraq trip, Agence France-Presse cited Ahmadinejad as saying on state television today. “But with the change of one or two of our plans, their willpower was shaken.”

This piece of news will probably be viewed with quite a bit of scepticism by the outside world. Although I’m no supporter of Ahmedinijad, I can’t help but wonder why statements from some leaders are immediately dismissed as false whilst statements from others are taken as truths. If track records were anything to go by, then surely statements from western governments and leaders should be viewed with much scepticism as they have lied and manipulated facts to justify actions. Why is it that the world continues to believe words from western leaders as true whilst rejecting views from others?

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One response to “Ahmedinijad: assassination attempt?”

  1. wasapninworld says :

    Come on he his a bad guy, and just like the movies, no one cares about the ‘bad guys’. I am not a support of the dude but lets face the facts. There are different rules for different people.

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