Uncle Sam and his gang

Once upon a time there was a man called Uncle Sam. He lived in a place called the World. Uncle Sam thought of himself as a principled man. He felt that his values and beliefs were better for the rest of the people, known as the Others. So he set off one day to rule the Others of the World. Along the way, Uncle Sam made some friends. Having so much in common, together they formed a gang of the Famous Five: they were Uncle Sam, Britain, the Soviets, China and France. This gang had special privileges. They could do as they please and disagree with any decisions. Uncle Sam’s two best friends were Britain and a close relative called Israel.

Years went by and Uncle Sam continued on his plan with his friends. They all had a mutual understanding of friendship: they all used each other for their own interests. Other more unpopular friends came and went and some occasionally joined the gang, but they all had to fight to prove what each other could offer Uncle Sam and his gang. They were never given the same privileges as the Famous Five.

For a while, the Others thought that life was good. Every time the Others needed help, as they were poor and weak, Uncle Sam and his gang were there to save the day. They generously offered help to the Others. And in exchange for their generosity, the Others gave Uncle Sam and his friends access to their play pen and allowed them to play with their toys and take them home.

But over time, the Others started to realise that they had done enough to pay off their debts and that Uncle Sam and his gang were taking more than they were giving. The friendship of mutual interest seemed like a false friendship to the Others as they were never able to compete with Uncle Sam and his friends. When the Others began to object, Uncle Sam and his gang found ways to weaken them. They punished the Others; made them sit in the corner not allowing anyone to talk to them. Whilst Uncle Sam and his group of friends acted freely and for their own interest, the Others were not allowed to do the same. Every decision the Others made had to first be approved by Uncle Sam’s gang. When the Others started to complain, Uncle Sam rallied his friends to fight them.

As time progressed, they needed a group larger than the Famous Five. So they bribed the other more unpopular friends and started to operate as an organised gang. They called themselves the Allied Forces. They became close friends with a notorious bully called Uzbekistan. Israel was their loyal agent, who positioned himself in the midst of the Others. Uncle Sam and Britain sent friends in disguise to mislead the Others. They started to scare their people by telling them bed time stories about monsters called, the Extremists. They began to gang up on the Others and terrorise them. They took some of the Others and locked them up on a deserted Island called Guantanamo Bay, to teach them a lesson.

The Others started to realise that they needed to stand up for themselves as Uncle Sam was bullying them. For a long time they had thought Uncle Sam and his gang were there to help the Others, but all along they were really only there for themselves. The Others tried to unite and tensions grew. Every time the Others stood up for themselves, Uncle Sam and his gang were ready to strike. Uncle Sam convinced all his friends to stand behind him to fight these evil Others.

…to be continued…

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10 responses to “Uncle Sam and his gang”

  1. costumesupercenter says :

    I cant completely agree with all of whats written. The big five became the big five for their own reasons. Not only are they major contributors of WWII, of all but 1, have fought WWII within their own boarders, and still manage to come out from the war even stronger than before.

    Take China for example, before WWII China was taken apart dominanted by western countries, HK, Mancu(sp) etc. After WWII, those countries used to have special foriegner areas within China are no more, no more influence in Asia, and no longer a power house within Europe.

    No one should be apologetic for those who aren’t a apart of the big five. It’s not our fault that Iraq only took a few divisions of German army to be completely conquered while China held off 70% of the whole Japanese combined forces, and even Poland put up a week of fight against the entire eastern German army which later invaded USSR. if you are weak, you will stay weak until you see to the change yourself.

    Now I dont agree with what Uncle Sam does now, or most of his beliefs. He is doing what he does best, and thats beating people at his game with his own rules in a world/society crafted with his own hands.

    I hate how he forces his views of justice on others, but what I hate even more is the Extremist who believes the way to oppose such actions is the bloodshed of anyone who does not side with them.

    If what they are doing is simply “Revenge” for the ones they lost to due Uncle Sam’s actions of forcing his views on other, and the lives that were lost along those actions; then those Extremist can shut up because they are just as low of a life form as the people they are targeting.

    Uncle Sam is just a title in the sense you described it, I am sure once those “extremist” come into the same form of powers that Uncle Sam currently has, they would become the new Uncle Sam. They have done nothing to prove themselves worthy or greater than the threat/oppressor they are fighting. Its merely a Tryant vs a soon to be tryant.

  2. honestdebate says :

    Hi costumesupercenter,
    “No one should be apologetic for those who aren’t a apart of the big five.”

    The view that the big five are the big five because they earned it doesn’t make the right of veto a fair system. it means that these countries have more right than others in the international arena. we should try and consider this from the perspective of people from the non-big-five countries. the answer of course is not to give everyone else the right of veto – but to abolish the right of veto altogether.

    “if you are weak, you will stay weak until you see to the change yourself.”

    the other countries never get a chance to stand up on their own two feet. anyone who dares to, is very quickly removed and replaced. other countries aren’t allowed to look after their nations interests first.

    the comment of uncle sam having much in common with the other friends was about sharing a bond of self-interest.

    “but what I hate even more is the Extremist who believes the way to oppose such actions is the bloodshed of anyone who does not side with them.”

    I dont’ agree with people targetting innocent civilians either. but we should bear in mind that violent acts stem from the frustration of not being able to take governments to account.

    “They have done nothing to prove themselves worthy or greater than the threat/oppressor they are fighting. Its merely a Tryant vs a soon to be tryant.”

    If by ‘extremists’ you mean those wanting to live by Islam – well they don’t get a chance to prove themselves. The media only focuses on the violent acts. those involved in peaceful work for change are chucked into the extremist melting pot, and labelled.

    “Its merely a Tyrant vs a soon to be tyrant”

    I would disagree. I would like to live under an Islamic system. self-interest is not a criteria for the dos and don’ts in Islam. it’s self-interest that creates tyrants.

  3. anonymous says :

    Well written, Costumesupercenter.

    Another thing for everyone to keep in the back of their minds: during WWII the U.S. near completely destroyed Japan by dropping a couple of atom bombs on the country, and despite the destruction, roughly 40 years later they became a world superpower because they realized they had to make changes: the Japanese modernized (not Westernized). Japan has a fraction of the resources that the Middle East has and has pulled far ahead of any given Middle Eastern country.

    I think many Americans would like nothing more than to withdraw it’s forces and support from other countries and tell them all to go to hell… but when a country becomes a world superpower the world expects it to get involved; of course, once a superpower starts making decisions, some people are going to take issue with them — there has never been a world superpower that didn’t take heat from lesser countries and there probably never will be… everybody loves to kick the king.

  4. honestdebate says :

    Hi anonymous,

    Yes I agree, Japan is doing much better than the Middle East at the moment. Don’t forget most of the countries were colonised after the first world war. they’ve never been able to stand on their feet since.

    “there has never been a world superpower that didnt’ take heat fro lesser countries”

    do you mean exploit ‘lesser’ countries or criticise them?

    You may want to consider the Islamic civilisation – when it was the superpower. when countries became part of the Islamic state, they were treated equally and given the same rights – unlike now where you have the occupied and the occupyees…

    it’s important to note the cause of problems – as said on this blog many times before, it’s self-interest of nations that’s creating injustices and exploitation in the world.

  5. costumesupercenter says :

    Hi honestdebate

    As hard as it is for me to say this, and as wrong as I know this sounds, but you know this world “is not fair” and that the victor or the strong “always have their right of way”.

    The UN is pretty useless to me and the veto makes it even more so as the veto is just used as a political tool for personal gains. I agree with you on that part.

    Opportunities dont come everyday, and thats why I said the big five deserves to be the big five for their own reasons. WWII was an opportunity where all the old powers were in chaos, and the new powers stood up, just because you get bullied by Uncle Sam & friends now don’t mean you will be so forever- if and only if you are willing to change that, and when the opportunity comes the new world will be yours.

    But sitting on your butt and complain, then use something as small scale and extreme as those “extemist” wont really help; its debatable but I am personally biased against extremist actions…

    The thing about those who want to live by Islam and are peaceful are that they dont do what it takes to stop the “extemist” that kills and blows things up. Only they have the power to overcome them, but yet they avoid it… it only take one bad ingredient to mess up the whole dish, so I cant really blame the media. If you see some moron driver on the road you will suddenly feel yourself thinking about why all “brand” car drivers are such idiots etc etc.

    I kind of lost my point heh.. but I wanted to say look at pre WWII, Austria, Serbia and those middle – eastern European countries were the major powers… look at where WWII got them. Hell they used to have occupied territories all over Asian (including Vietnam which was French), and look at if they still have them now? But that didnt happen all naturally, when the opportunity was right, those that were waiting striked, and those that sat on their butt and languished, ended up in the same place as they were before.

    I guess what I mean is that some of those sore losers who get bullied by Uncle Sam & friends should sport a different attitude instead of feeling upset and complain.

    Personally I wouldnt mind a Islam state or living in one looking at Dubai and such. But knowing the biggest international advocate of Islam states are all extemist and have their own operations of terrorist activities, scares me.

  6. costumesupercenter says :

    Also to add on previous, and in support of anonymous;

    Countries that takes the opportunities when it comes becomes strong themselves. Japan lost the war, but Japan crushed Uncle Sam in their own games during the 80’s in both autombile and Electronics. Though not as severe now, Japan is still owning Uncle Sam in those everyway possible.

    Japan thought that if they cant win with bullets and planes, they will win through exports and economics.

    Same thing with China, after complaing for hundreds of years of western occupation, they finally stepped up their game recently and their rash actions in the monetary world caused a mess in the world’s economy- now they know they are a superpower, on par with Uncle Sam himself when it comes the power to affect global economy… Uncle Sam himself can no longer pull the strings on this one, its all China.

    Again, same with the OPEC countries. Why are some oil rich countries so well developed, free education, women rights, 7 star hotels, world class casinos, huge amount of exotic cars… and other oil rich countries are so poor and constantly in political turmoil?

    One can blame others for the bad, but one can only advance themselves by finding the faults in themselves and eliminating them.

  7. honestdebate says :

    csc and anon,

    I agree with the both of you on most parts. I absolutely agree that countries need to do something to change their situation. i am pretty certain that if given the chance, a vast majority of Muslims in the Muslim world would want to see Islam implemented in their lands but are threatened with torture and arrest regularly by dictatorships and not allowed to rise up because any future Islamic leadership would mean many would lose their positions. The fact that most Muslims want Islam is a concern for western powers as it would shift the balance of power. Hence the comment of the ‘monster’ named extremist. There is a trend in western media to stir up the Muslim issue.

    clarification as you two seem new to my blog, i’ve said this many times before: there is no Islamic state today that implements Islam entirely. There are just a few states that hold the name of Islam to appease the public. This distinction is often misunderstood by non-Muslims. If you get a chance please have a look at some of the other posts on this blog – as it may clarify where i’m coming from.

    Uncle Sam is facing tough competition in China and there are many differences between the big five – but what’s common is they all seek their own interests – hence the comment. nevertheless the story is to be continued – i will try to mention it in there – thanks for highlighting it .

  8. costumesupercenter says :

    You’re right, I dont know much about Islamic states. Infact, I know nothing about them 😀 I will look into those, thanks.

  9. honestdebate says :


    🙂 just uploaded a documentary about Islamic civilisation. they’re a bit long and boring to begin with, but if you have time and want to know, feel free to browse.

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