Match the following

This poem was originally written in Arabic but it has been translated and adapted to English as it is primarily a message for those in the west. Before I post the original version in English and Arabic, I’ve jumbled up all lines in Column B. See if you can match them correctly.

If anyone knows of an application I can use to make this possible to match online, please let me know. Thanks.



They talk about Human Rights,

But never accept the real cause of terrorism

They talk about freedom of thought,

But arrest people without evidence

They talk about respect

My list of complaints is long

They talk about democracy

But never highlight problems within their own ideology

They talk about the rights of women

But insult the prophets and the Quran

They talk about tolerance

But exploit women for economic gains

They talk about gender equality

But through the media control opinions

They talk about peace and security

I become an extremist

They talk about justice

But prevent discussion against the State of Israel

They talk about flaws in the Third World

But disagree if we choose Islam

They talk about Free Speech

But lost the status of the woman

They talk about the rule of law

But can’t handle conservative societies

They talk about individual freedom

But don’t act to abolish poverty.

They talk about honest discussions

But support oppressive governments

If I talk about the contradictions

But what about Guantanamo Bay?

Hear me, I can continue

But remain silent at the hijab ban


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3 responses to “Match the following”

  1. danielebert4 says :

    Thanks for linking me to your site. I enjoy hearing other people’s perspectives. Drop me an email, so we can connect personally. I am wondering where you are from and who you are? You can contact me at

    d ebert

  2. honestdebate says :

    Hi Daniel,

    your comment inspired me to write a little bit about me under the post entitled ‘Who am I?’

    hope this helps.

    Honest debate

  3. sandrar says :

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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